Wakarusa 2015 Artist Spotlight: Late Night Radio

Gearing up for Wakarusa 2015 we had a chance to ask Late Night Radio about how they got to where they are today, what they are excited about for Wakarusa 2015, and a few other awesome questions to share with Late Night Radio lovers and followers.

Late Night Radio IS Alex Medellin who hails from Houston, Texas. After moving to Denver, Colorado to make his dreams a reality he became what all of us know as Late Night Radio. Make sure to peep his Soundcloud and catch him on Saturday June 6th at Wakarusa 2015 where he will be taking over the Satellite Stage at 3:15!


Photo Courtesy of J.C. Osborn Photography


1. What is it like being apart of Super Best Records?

LNR: It's great. Michal Menert has been someone I've looked up to for a really long time and has turned into not only a great friend but someone I see as a mentor so when he talked to me about SBR I was all about it. We are really trying to create something genuine and sustainable in the middle of an industry that's all about what's hot right now so it's definitely a challenge at times but extremely rewarding to be a part of building something.

2. We had a chance to look at your official music video for “When In Doubt” which is based out of Grand Rapids, MI and Detroit, MI. Do you see a correlation between struggle and creativity?

LNR: 100%. I feel like struggle and hardship shape who you are no matter what you do but especially in art. Without the lows you can't appreciate the highs so its helps to keep everything in perspective.

3. Your first appearance at Wakarusa will be 2015. Have you attended the festival before? Who are you excited to see?

LNR: I actually came with Grassroots in 2013 and played like 5 unofficial sets and shared a set with Fisk at the Satellite stage which was my first festival experience so I'm really excited to come back for my first official set. I'm really excited for Portugal The Man, probably my favorite band right now.

4. You are going to be spending a lot of your summer in the south this year. What are you looking forward to the most?

LNR: Food.

5. We have heard you had started out playing live music a lot in Texas and California. How did you get there from Denver? Tell us your journey as an artist and how you go to where you are today?

LNR: I actually grew up in Houston, Texas and lived in Louisiana and California before I made my way to Denver. I grew up messing around with guitar and piano but never really took anything to seriously until I moved to California and had some buddies making beats. Within a year of making music I was working for Big Bear Mountain doing background music for videos. From there I wanted to try the whole live thing and I figured Denver had the best scene for what I wanted to do so I pretty much just blindly moved to Colorado about 5 years ago.

6. Explain “emotion over energy.”

LNR: Basically it's about making music that has meaning. The whole root of music is transferring emotions and feeling and honestly I feel like that's what is missing the most in music as a whole right now.

7. What has been your biggest accomplishment as an artist?

LNR: Gaining the respect of artists that I look up to.


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